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Yeast activator facilitating malolactic fermentation (MLF) onset restart, and accelerating fermentation kinetics

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Product Description

  • Combines nutritional elements (inactivated Yeast, support elements) and detoxification agents (Yeast cell walls) and thus:
    • Optimizes lactic acid bacterial survival (by adsorbing short or medium-chain fatty acid-type inhibitors),
    • Encourages lactic acid bacterial activity (by supplying them with nitrogen compounds which they directly assimilate)
  • Can be used on all types of wine.• Composition formulated to optimise the supply of amino acids essential to the bacteria (glutamic acid, valine…) while reducing the quantities of biogenic amine precursors of amino acids (histidine, tyrosine).
  • Also rich in vitamins required by the bacteria and in minerals (magnesium and manganese) which are essential co-factors for enzymatic function.
  • 30 g/hL

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