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FERMOL® Mediterranée


FERMOL® Mediterranée is a AEB Yeast for structured red wines suitable for amplifying sweet nuances reminiscent of jams of ripe figs and small red berries

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Product Description

FERMOL® Mediterranée

  • This yeast is characterized by its ability to generate aromatic precursors, to produce fermentation esters and acetates in variable quantities and proportions, to synthesize glycerine, acids and mannoproteins.
  • Produces warm, full bodied wines, suitable for aging, but already very pleasant at the end of fermentation.
  • Distinguished by its capacity to produce a high quantity of polysaccharides and mannoproteins, which, besides harmonising wine taste, rapidly induce stability in colour and tannic structure.
  • From an aromatic point of view, it highlights varietal complexity and amplifies the sweet nuances reminiscent of jams of ripe figs and small red berries, such as red currant and cherry.

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500g, 10kg

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