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Semi Automatic Fillers – TLF4 Linear Filling and Sealing

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Semi Automatic Liner Filling and Sealing Unit

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Product Description

  • The bottles placed on the conveyor are lifted up from the conveyor belt directly under the filling valve and filled.
  • In each bottling cycle one to four bottles can be filled simultaneously.
  • A bottle halting device ahead of the filling valves controls whether the bottles that are being transported are to be filled in the current cycle, or held back for the next filling cycle.
  • Depending upon the liquid that is being bottled the best filling process such as gravity filling, pressure filling, vacuum filling or metered filling can be used.
  • Bottle height, bottle diameter and filling height can be simply and easily adapted.
  • After the bottles are filled they are automatically sealed. The conveyor belt drive necessary for the bottling function is provided by the sealing unit.
  • The TLF4 linear filling unit is therefore preferably supplied together with the TV2000 sealing unit, or on request, with other sealing units.
Technical Data TLF4
Capacity approx. bottles/hr 1000 l
Bottle height max. 460 mm
Bottle diameter 40 – 120 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 800x500x2000
Weight in kg 120
Electrical supply 230 V

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