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A System for Must Clarification in Tanks by Flotation.

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Product Description

  • Flotation is another smart way to achieve must clarity, and AEB manufactures a state of the art piece of equipment to get the job done quickly and economically called E-Flot. The clarification of must using the E-Flot is achieved through the incorporation of an inert gas into the solids that make up the turbidity of the liquid.
  • The gas combines particles in suspension and makes them float towards the surface of the tank leaving a clear must at the bottom. It is important to first make sure that the must is thoroughly depectinized. AEB recommends the use of Enzymes such as Endozym Micro or Endozym ICS 10 Eclair to help achieve depectinization. In order to have optimal results and better must clarity, it is recommended to use a specific gelatin, like Gelsol, that allows the formation of a good sized flocculate that will encompass all the particles that are to be eliminated.

Due to its specialized modes of action, the benefits of the floatation machine are numerous:

  • Saving power and eliminating the refrigeration time if processing by cold settling.
  • Time and tank saving, 50 tons of fruit at 9am can in theory be inoculated by 4pm on the same day using floatation clarification. This compares to a minimum 24hrs settling time plus racking, warming, and RDV filtration time.
  • IIssue of tank space for winery operations and crushing extends to the quality of the product and can have ramifications, e.g. delaying optimum picking time.
  • The capital cost of a floatation machine is less than one tenth of a similar rated centrifuge.
  • A 50 % labor savings comparing to cold settling.
  • E-Flot is a versatile machine that allows operation at a higher flow rate for gross fining or slower rate for a brighter must.

The configuration of a “bright must” allows the following flows:

  • E-Flot 10: 90-130 hl/hour (2,400-3,500 gallons/hour)
  • E-Flot 20: 200-250 hl/hour (5,200-6,600 gallons/hour)
  • E-Flot 40: 370-430 hl/hour (9,800-11,000 gallons/hour)
  • All the machines are equipped with a removable screen to eliminate skin and seeds. The unit is mounted on a cart with wheels and all parts are made of quality stainless steel.

Additional Information

Available in 5 different sizes:

Eflot 10, 20,50,60,80, Sizes work from 100hl/hr to 800hl/hr

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