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Oenolees® MP


Specific preparation of Yeast cell wall membranes with a naturally high sapid (pleasant tasting) peptide content.

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Product Description

  • OENOLEES®, the result of LAFFORT® ‘s research on the properties of Yeast lees and their importance in wine, contributes towards improving gustatory qualities in wines by:
    • Attenuating aggressive sensations. The cellular envelopes have a refining action that promotes elimination of certain polyphenols responsible for bitterness and astringency.
    • Increasing sweet sensations. OENOLEES® has a high content of a specific peptidic fraction, that is released naturally by the Yeasts during autolysis, and has an excessively low perception threshold (only 16 mg/L compared to 3g/L for sucrose).
  • OMRI Listed for use in organic winemaking (National Organic Program).
  • 20 – 40 g/hL

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