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Counter Pressure Filler TAL8/10/12/14/16D

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Linear filling with a counter pressure filler with 8, 10, 12, 14 or 16 valves

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Product Description

Linear filling with a counter pressure filler with 8, 10, 12, 14 or 16 valves

  • No wait time during bottle in-feed and out-feed to and from the filling heads due to an innovative bottle handling concept. The empty bottles are staged beside each filling head and as they are pushed into position under the filling heads they push the filled bottles onto the out-feed conveyor for capping.
  • 8-10-12-14 or 16 counter pressure valves for sparkling beverages like beer, sparkling wine, lemonades, etc.
  • Optional: pre-evacuation and bottle purging with inert gas (CO2,N2) (multiple evacuations are possible)
  • Bottle pressurization with inert gas (CO2,N2)
  • User-defined bottle pressure releasing curves due to electro-pneumatic valves
  • Integrated filling level regulation
  • Bottling capacity up to 3000 bottles/hr (BPH)
  • Visualization of all important process parameters (bottle pressure, tank pressure, filling level, temperature, etc.) on a touch screen
  • Hygienic design (diaphragm valves, dead space free connectors, etc.)
  • Easy to clean: CIP (Cleaning in Place) and SIP (Sanitzation in Place)
  • Compact layout
  • No change parts required to fill different bottle sizes

Ancillary Equipment

  • Fully automatic cappers TV2000 or TV2000 Twin for crown caps, screwcaps, natural corks, sparkling corks, etc.
  • Automatic labelling & over-capping equipment (pressure sensitive labels, polylam or tin capsules, sparkling cages & foils)

Other filling valve types

  • Gravity filling valves
  • Non-pressurised short tube and long tube valves
  • Volumetric Piston filler


  • Automatic bottle height adjustment
  • Vacuum pump
  • Diaphragm pump to feed the filler
  • Automatic CO2 management
  • Bottle foaming unit
  • Change parts for special bottles shapes & materials (square or plastic)
  • Change parts for special bottle openings (ROPP Twist-Off, PP18, etc.)
  • Modification for very small bottles (height < 160mm or diameter < 55mm)
  • Modification for very big bottles (height > 400mm or diameter > 98mm)

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