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STELVIN® Original Closures


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STELVIN® is a closure system specially designed for wine, combining an aluminium closure screwcap, a specific BVS bottle neck finish and liner.

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Product Description

Beautiful STELVIN® Screwcaps

  • STELVIN® is a packaging concept which combines a screw cap, specific glass finish (BVS), head-space & capping conditions, and sophisticated liners tailor made for wine.
  • STELVIN® is recyclable. And by reducing the number of bottles affected by TCA, STELVIN® contributes to reducing the quantity of wine spoilage across the world.
  • In order to guarantee constant and reliable supply, the production of  STELVIN® aluminium closures is fully integrated within the Amcor Group. From the aluminium foil to the decoration of the formed closure, Amcor possess all the necessary expertise to create the perfect closure for your wine.
  • As your wine is your most precious asset, it deserves a closure of impeccable quality. All of the Amcor production processes meet the appropriate food contact regulatory requirements and have received ISO9001 certification guaranteeing the consistent quality of all closures.
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  • The STELVIN®+ is offering a more premium alternative to the original Stelvin® closure
  • STELVIN®+ closures can include top embossing and more intricate detailed designs through screen printing techniques.


  • The STELVIN® Lux closure offers a unique alternative to traditional wine closures through the use of a plastic insert inside the aluminium shell.
  • This means no visible thread on the exterior of the closure, giving a flatter surface for graphic reproduction and a smoother opening.


  • In addition to the two commonly available liners for aluminium closures: Saranex™ & Saran™Tin, Amcor offers an additional four liners, the award-winning STELVIN® Inside range, which offer differing oxygen permeability. All of the films used in the STELVIN® Inside liners are PVDC-Free.
  • STELVIN Inside® was the New Technology prize winner at the 2013 SIMEI awards
  • STELVIN® Inside is a full range of closure liners for wine offering:
    • Targeted OTRs with low level of oxygen dispersion
    • Consistency from one bottle to the next
    • Improved value
  • The STELVIN® Inside is the only wine closure solution offering low, medium and high barrier permeability.
  • The STELVIN® Inside range of four liners multiplies a wine maker’s choice in terms of oxygen transmission levels through the closure.


  • The STELVIN® P is a closure specifically designed for lightly sparkling wine.
  • It can withstand up to 6 bars internal pressure and is easy and convenient to use. It both protects your wine and maintains perfect carbonation levels

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