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Micro Safe Micro-Ox Equipment


The standard AEB Micro Safe is a unit designed to deliver very precise, measurable levels of oxygen to a single tank of wine.

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Product Description


The standard AEB Micro Safe is a unit designed to deliver very precise, measurable levels of oxygen to a single tank of wine. The Micro Safe system is also available as 5 unit chassis where the individual Micro-Ox units can be added in modules one at a time if required.

  • O2 is dosed into your wine by weight rather than pressure.
  • MicroSafe units never need to be calibrated and self compensate for temperature and pressure variation. All units are extremely reliable, user friendly and accurate.
  • Units that deliver the O2 by pressure are liable to dosing errors up to 200% if there is either a change in temperature or back pressure and these errors are multiplied if both parameters change.
  • The AEB MicroSafe system is constantly calculating its dosing 16 times per second while monitoring temperature and pressure.
  • If either the temperature or pressure go beyond the preset recommended ranges the AEB unit will shut down and give an “error” message restricting the oxygenation until the parameters have been brought into the normal ranges.
  • MicroSafe systems are available as solo units for dosing one tank at a time or in multi-gang units capable of servicing up to 5 tanks simultaneously from one oxygen source.
  • Install MicroSafeO2 where deemed best. Generally, it is located near the tank to be treated.
  • Connect it to the electric system through the appropriate transformer.
  • By using the tubing supplied with the equipment, connect the MicroSafeO2 oxygen inlet to the pressure regulator installed on the oxygen bottle.
  • Make sure that the pressure regulator on the oxygen bottle is set down to zero.
  • Connect the micro-oxygenator’s oxygen outlet to the sparging stone and insert the stone into the tank to be treated.
  • Open the valve on the oxygen bottle.
  • Regulate the pressure regulator to a pressure of 5.5 (80-85 psi). *Never exceed 7 bar of pressure (100 psi)
  • Turn on the power to the unit via the switch on the transformer.
  • Now the MicroSafe unit is ready to be programmed and to start dosing.

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Microsafe O2 Single Dose Unit

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