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Carboxymethyl cellulose to prevent crystals precipitation in the bottle

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Product Description

  • CMC based New-Cel is a colloidal protector that wraps the tartrates crystal structure with a protective film and deforms them making their growth impossible.
  • It has been developed by AEB Group considering that the most effective wine stabilization occurs when the CMC polymer contains a ratio between the number of carboxylated groups and glucose units equal to 1.
  • This allows the ultimate efficacy in forming a chemical barrier between the crystals of potassium bi-tartrate, preventing their enlargement. CMC is negatively charged so it will bind molecules like proteins (and unstable color in reds). If the wine is perfectly protein/color stable there is no problem, but if is is borderline CMC will cause haze that needs to be
    filtered. It can be used in Sparkling wines by adding it a few days before the riddling agents or in the liqueur d’expédition at the dégorgement.
  • 100-150g/hl
  • Directly dissolve the solution into the wine 48 hours before
    bottling or before any filtration stage. Wines must be brought at
    16°C-64°F for 8 hours for CMC to dissolve. They must be protein stable
    and with turbidity <1ntu. In reds CMC may interact with unstable color
    making it precipitates. Stabilize the color with MOX, Arabinol, or chill
    the wine and filter it prior to CMC addition.

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