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Ellagitan Barrique Liquid


Introduction of barrel aroma and tannin into red and white wines

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Product Description

“High vanilla” French-oak tannins

Ellagitan Barrique Liquid is extracted from highly toasted oak wood. The seasoning process exceeds two years, and is identical to the technique used when producing the most prized barrels. The innovative physical system used for the extraction and concentration of this tannin, protects and keeps intact all the aromatic and smooth characteristics of prized French oak. This tannin never sees the solid phase and, by not going through the spray drying process, the aromatics from the French oak are kept intact. The stability of the product is achieved by RO concentration. Ellagitan Barrique Liquid prolongs aromatic persistency, improves the mellowness of wines and integrates their aromatic complexity with delicate nuances reminiscent of chocolate and vanilla. Ellagitan Barrique Liquid increases the efficiency of used barrels optimizing containers utilization. This product offers numerous advantages over Oak Chips: it is immediately soluble, does not release undesirable substances, such as resins or bitter compounds, and inhibits bacteria and mold contamination. Furthermore, there is no wine loss due to wood absorption. The product may contain inert solids that will deposit over time. This insolubilization does not compromise the quality or quantity of the product.

Directions for use: Dilute in ten parts of wine and add to mass by pumping over or mixer. Allow at least a week before filtering.

Dosage: 1/2 – 4 lbs/1000 gal (6-50 ml/hl)

Packaging: 1 kg bottle – 10 kg pails.

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1kg, 10kg

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